What else can we do?

Team Kudos is part of the larger ISW group. At our core we are Software Engineers focused on IBM Technology and we love to be challenged with ideas for enhancements around IBM Connections, WebSphere Portal, and IBM Forms Experience Builder.

ISW works with clients all around the world to innovate and come up with ideas on how to make IBM Connections better for our clients. Today it really doesn't matter where clients are based; we are able to work with them around the world. On the back of the great work we have done with Kudos, clients have engaged ISW to help them enhance and take Connections to a new level.

Some examples of what we have done:

  • SAP Integration
    Integrating SAP with IBM Connections Activity Streams so that SAP events such as Purchase Orders, Travel Requests, and Expense Claims, feed into the Activity Stream so that users can approve, reject, or take action on the SAP event via an Embedded Experience in IBM Connections.
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder Integration
    Integrating IBM Forms Experience Builder with SAP to provide an improved and more intuitive user experience. Forms Experience Builder enables us to build great looking forms that users can use to submit processes into SAP. The SAP user interface is typically very expensive to customise and enhance so Forms enables us to do this and then ISW integrated with SAP Netweaver Gateway to send the data into the SAP process.
  • Custom Connections Widgets
    ISW has built a whole range of custom widgets for different clients. Often they look at Kudos and then ask us "Could you build us a widget to do.......".
  • Connections Mobile App Development
    ISW is able to extend the Connections Mobile App to include other applications and business processes.
  • Advanced Connections Customisation
    Just ask us and it can probably be done!

ISW is an award winning IBM Premier Business Partner providing end-to-end technology solutions to clients across the full IBM software and infrastructure portfolio. Fully certified within the brands of WebSphere, ICS, Rational, Information Management, Tivoli and Business Analytics, ISW is able to take on a variety of projects within any industry. We work with you across your complete project lifecycle and beyond to ensure a successful outcome driven by our breadth of experience and depth of expert knowledge.

ISW are leaders in IBM Connections and have worked with many clients across a range of industries to implement, customise, and drive user adoption and business value.

ISW are also the team behind:

Wildfire - A nifty IBM Notes Sidebar Application to update your status across a wide range of Social Networks including Sametime, Connections, Facebook, Bebo, GTalk, PingFm, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress and more!

iWildfire - Awesome iOS App for IBM Connections.

Adam Brown - Official IBM Champion and IBM Connections Expert. Kudos is Adam's brainchild. Working with our clients driving user adoption for IBM Connections, Adam has developed and refined a range of strategies around making sure clients gain real business value from Connections. Leverage of game mechanics through Kudos Badges being just one of them.
John Bilson - If you want to know anything about the structure of the IBM Connections databases John is the man! Metrics expert, SQL demon, and Kudos Badges team leader John steered the project and delivered on the metrics and badges that make the system rock!
Andrew Welch - Co-creator of ISW's Wildfire and iWildfire, Andrew completed his first class honours to develop the awesome Widgets that power Kudos Badges. Andrew and Jay have also lead the development of Kudos Boards. Andrew is also notorious for doing battle with Internet Explorer!
Jay Agrawal - Jay was thrown in the deep end and built the core Kudos Engine! This awesome piece of software engineering is the heart of Kudos Badges. Jay also helped flesh out the Leaderboards and was one of the leads to design and develop Kudos Boards.
Andrew Reynolds - Andrew is our Customer Happiness Champion. He works with our clients to provide top notch support, assistance implementing Kudos, advise, Kudos documentation, and lots of other stuff. Andrew is also our IBM Forms Experience Builder, Portal Development, and SAP Integration expert. Andrew gets engaged when clients want to integrate both Connections and Kudos with other applications.
For the 7th consecutive year, IDC rates IBM Connections the No.1 Social Business Platform! // For 2nd consecutive year, Kudos Suite recognised as a national Export Awards finalist! // Learn More