Kudos Boards Transform Activities into Productive Powerhouses

Introducing Kudos Boards for IBM Connections

We love Activities in Connections. They are awesome! Working together on projects and leveraging Social Tools is a very powerful way of working. However some Activities can get BIG and sometimes users need to look at their tasks or organise the Activity slightly differently. Sometimes users don't need to see everything that is going on but just one part. Sometimes it would be easier if Activities was more visual.

So wouldn't it be great if you could visualise an Activity...as a Board....similar to a Kanban Board? Imagine if you could drag and drop your Tasks and Entries within Activities as progress and circumstances change . Wouldn't it be neat if you could filter the content of your Boards by Person, by Priority, by Colour code, or by any other filter you want?

Imagine a visual Board where you can quickly create new sections....or Lists: One click to create an Entry or To Do......then quickly drag it to another List....or back. Wouldn't it be great if Boards could refer to other Boards. Wouldn't it be great if when you updated your Board everyone else that has that Board open has it instantly refreshed. Now wouldn't it be even better if you could take an existing Connections Activity and do all of this, and syncronize in real time every change back into the Activity. That would be the best of both worlds!

Kudos Boards has been designed to do this and a whole lot more, all seamlessly integrated into the IBM Connections interface. If you think that Kudos Badges was designed well, then Kudos Boards will rock your socks :)

Hmm. A new button in Activities. I wonder what that does?

Kudos Boards - Visualize your Activities!

Simple Drag and Drop of List and Cards on a Kudos Board

Easy Click and Edit of Lists and Cards. One Click to add a card.

Organise any way you like

Kudos Boards gives you the freedom to organise tasks and teamwork the way that suits your project and workplace environment. Create lists based on task at hand, to-do and completed? per-project or per day, week or month? The choice is entirely up to you.

Real time cross-team updates

Kudos Boards updates in real time across multiple users. You can literally see the information update from another user on your screen, including when they drag and drop items from one list to another, such as moving a task card from the 'to-do' list to 'completed'.

Seamless conversion to/from Activities

Are some teammates avid Activity users? Or have you got a heap of legacy Activities that already exist? Kudos Boards can convert any existing Connections Activity to a Kudos Board, and continues to sync data between the two interfaces so that you and your team never lose or have to recreate project tasks again.

The official mobile client for the Kudos Boards application. Compatible with on-premise installations of IBM Connections and Kudos Boards.

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Welcome to the Kudos Boards Cloud Pre-release

The Kudos Boards Cloud Pre-release is a limited access beta version and is not in any way the final product. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please email us at support@kudosbadges.com.

Please note that as a pre-release many features are still planned, notably; Community Boards, File integration for attachments, Email notifications, Todo Board, Cross browser compatibility, @mentions, and Board themes.

Why get Boards Cloud?

Kudos Boards will soon be available as a cloud installation, meaning you won't need to run servers within your premises to unlock the productivity gains it offers IBM Connections! If your organisation runs Connections Clouds, Boards Cloud will be the logical and perfect partner for your environment..

How to Sign Up

Get in touch with the Kudos team at support@kudosbadges.com

One-time Setup

Once your organisation has signed up, please follow this Step-by-Step Guide to enable your team to start using Kudos Boards.


Info on Boards Cloud, including screenshots are coming soon!

Kudos Boards for IBM Connections Video

The following video provides an overview of Kudos Boards for IBM Connections.

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